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A weekend in Berlin


Many people think that two or even three days are enough to get a first impression of a city and to be able to say 'I have been there'. This could be true for small cities or those which have a clearly defined historical center. But most important cities are simply too big to be visited thoroughly in a few days. Berlin is one of those. This city has a relatively young historical center, but is surrounded by other buroughs that are now part of the city, but have been before independent. For this reason, all those buroughs have their own center, their own character, their own idiosincrasy. Remember that you can purchase a Museumspass, a three-day-pass for about 60 museums in Berlin.


To start your tour, coming from Friedrichshain, take the Underground Samariterstrasse (only 500 metrres from the Apartments in Friedrichshain at Boxhagener Platz). Leave at Alexanderplatz, the last station. There you will see the communications tower Fernsehturm. You can visit the tower, but try to arrive early, as there tend to be ques by midday. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with a 360 degree panorama of Berlin.

Musuems: visit the isle of the museums, Museumsinsel, and at least one of its museums. The Pergamon museum is possible the most important due to the huge and antique monuments from antique civilizations, But in the Altes Museum you will find the head of Nefertiti (called Nofretete by the Germans), while the Neues Museum is worth a visit for all visitors interested in painting. The Bode Museum has been re-opened recently and is also worth a visit.

Few metres away, coming from Alexanderplatz, you will see the Berliner Dom, the cathedral. In front of the Dom, on the other side of the river (direction Unter den Linden), you can see the Neue Wache.

If you go in direction Hackesche Höfe, at walking distance, you will find an interesting sample of the architecture from the Nineteenth Century. In order to reduce the space needed for the streets, the Government (unwilling to pay for the pavement and maintenance) created long rectangular areas, with the shorter part connecting to the street; in this areas the owners built several buildings one after the other, often up to four, sometimes up to seven, separated by small courtyards (Höfe). Be aware that the Hackesche Höfe are visited by many tourists.

At 5 to 10 minutes walking distance you will find one of the remaining Synagogues in Berlin.

Clärchens Ballhaus is a fantastic place to visit, it still conserves its typical character. Its a ballroom where you can dance; here yopu can also eat or simply take a coffee with cake. Dancers are always inside, but if the sun shines, I strongly recommend to drink something on the terrace. The house itself is astonishing; it seems to have been bombed recently.

Nearby, if you are still hungry, you can eat a piece of cake at Menge: their pastry is excellent. Unfortunately, if you like italian coffee, this is definitely not the place I would recommend.

Points of Interest in Mitte on a bigger map


Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor

Reichstag (Deutscher Bundestag)

Stiftung Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas.

Café Einstein.


River trips

Sehenswürdigkeiten B: Brandenburger Tor auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen



    Option C: Kastanienallee

    Kastanienallee, Konoppke, Kauf Dich Glücklich




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Brunch in Elfida (Sunday) or in Schmit's (Traveplatz)

Weekly market on Saturdays

Flea market on Sundays

Fashion on Wühlischstrasse

Evening on Modersohnbrücke

Walk around Stralau

Trip over the Spree


Rent a kayak near Badeschiff

  • Landwehrkanal, Maybachufer


  • Bergmannstrasse





Option E: Neukölln


Option F: Kreuzberg