Booking one of the Apartments "Boxi" in Berlin

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General booking information

When you book one of our apartments, you simply send us a inquiry using our general booking form. This inquiry represents no obligation for you. The only information we need is your name and mail, the dates of your stay (although you can check by yourself if the apartment or apartments of your choice are available using the right hand menu) and the number of guests, so that we can calculate the price. You can also ask us to make a prereservation (again no obligation for you), in order to have a little bit of time to arrange flights and speak with the other travellers.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will try to respond as soon as possible, usually in less than an hour. In our response we will indicate if the apartment is available and confirm the total amount for the booking. We will also respond to any questions you have sent us through the observation field.

Now, if you wish to book, you simply confirm that you want to make the reservation. We will then send the final confirmation together with information about how to get to the apartment and fetch the keys; you will also receive the phone number of your contact person in Berlin.

If after sending an inquiry you are not interested in booking, you do not have to do anything, although a short feedback is appreciated.

Payment, prices, special conditions

The payment will usually be made in cash after getting the keys. In case of late arrival, the payment is made the day after. Nevertheless, if you wish not to pay in cash, you can also pay by credit card (using Paypal).

The price for an apartment is reflected on the corresponding page of the apartment. Prices vary depending upon the number of people using it and their age. Even though you will find sample calculations on the corresponding page, we will confirm the price together with the booking confirmation.

Children: special prices are indicated on the page of the apartment.

Towels and bedlinen included in the price.

Please check also our Terms and Conditions for the cancellation of a booking and other aspects.

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